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Singin’ in the Rain at the Palace Theatre – 23rd February 2013

27 Feb

With Singin’ in the rain still going strong at the Palace Theatre it was time for me to check out the new cast that has started in the show just a week ago. Some of you might remember my first review of the production in which I said this show has “restored my faith in musical theatre”. For me Singin’ in the rain is the perfect example of how wonderful musical theatre can be. It’s such a classic but it doesn’t feel dated at all. And you can’t help but leave the theatre humming the songs (personally I usually end up with “Good morning” in my head for days after I’ve seen the show).

Adam Cooper still stars as Don Lockwood, the star of silent movies. While he is not the strongest singer he makes up for it with his incredible dancing skills. Combine that with an all around likable and warm portrayal of the character and you’ve got a fantastic Don that charms himself into the hearts of the audience.


Taking over as Cosmo Brown is Stephane Anelli who has previously starred in shows like Saturday Night Fever, Legally Blonde, Never Forget and most recently Ragtime and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although he has only been in the show for a short time his portrayal of Cosmo is already spot on. Stephane’s comic timing is absolutely perfect and he gives Cosmo a geeky charm that is almost impossible not to fall for. His Cosmo is funny but never loses his dignity – a perfect mix.


Louise Bowden plays Kathy Seldon. Taking over from Scarlett Strallen she definitely has big shoes to fill but she does so brilliantly. Her and Adam work really well together and while I think Scarlett’s Kathy was a bit warmer I do enjoy Louise’s slightly less fragile portrayal of the part. It will be interesting to see how she develops the part over the next months.


Jennifer Ellison has taken over as Lina Lamont and although I don’t dislike her in the part I think she is the one new cast member that has the most work to do. Her voice is very on and off when it comes to the high-pitched vocals that are so significant for Lina. She often falls back to an almost “normal” voice especially when she is singing. Hopefully she will manage to become more consistent over the months to come – once she nails the voice bit I think she will be a really good Lina.


The rest of the cast does an all around brilliant job. A special mention goes to David Lucas who is hilarious as the Dialect Coach. Wonderful to see Adam Denman in his first big West End show – such a fantastic dancer. Joseph Prouse is once again a joy to watch on stage. For me he just makes every show that tiny bit more special.

Singin’ in the rain remains a highlight in the West End. This show just has it all – a good story that will make you smile, characters you will feel for and music and dancing that will make you tap your feet along.

Sadly this show is leaving the West End at the end of August. Please make sure you see it before the last drop of rain falls onto the stage. This is a true gem of a musical and a must see for every musical theatre fan.

Singin’ in the Rain is playing at the Palace Theatre. For more info and to book tickets go to http://www.singinintherain.co.uk/.

Singing in the rain – Palace Theatre, May 5 2012 (evening)

8 May

I don’t mention it enough these days but I am a huge fan of the classic American musical films. I remember watching all those wonderful Gene Kelly movies and admiring his dancing when I was younger (this makes me sound a lot older than I am). So to say I was looking forward to seeing Singing in the rain on stage is probably the understatement of the century. At the same time I was filled with a slight fear that this stage production wouldn’t do my memories of the movie justice.

I had chosen my seat carefully after reading reports about a drenched audience in the front rows. Row H in the stalls turned out to be perfect – close enough to appreciate every detail of the show and far enough to leave the theatre with dry clothes.

Did I have a good time? YES! From the first note right until the last drop of water had been splashed from the stage into the audience this production is a complete and utter delight. It may sound a bit exaggerated but Singing in a rain has somehow restored my faith in musicals. Shows like this are the reason why I adore musical theatre. With a great score, big dance numbers and a story that is full of romance and comedy and just warms your heart this show is heaven for musical theatre fans.

Adam Cooper leads the cast as Don Lockwood and he certainly does Gene Kelly justice. I have seen Adam in both Guys and Dolls and Shall we dance a few years ago and I have always adored his dancing skills. In this show he simply exceeds himself. His dancing is mesmerising. And while he may not be the greatest singer on the planet he does just fine in this role. Adam’s Don Lockwood oozes charm and his interaction with the rest of the cast is flawless.

Scarlett Strallen plays Kathy Seldon with such intensity and passion it’s hard to take your eyes off her. After thinking Don had betrayed her Scarlett’s Kathy appears so vulnerable it hurts to see her stand there with slumped shoulders, tears in her eyes. Her singing is nothing but wonderful and her and Adam are the perfect on stage match.

Daniel Crossley’s Cosmo Brown is witty, funny and all around likeable. His “Make ’em laugh” is one of the highlights in the show and had me laughing with both amazement and joy. For me Daniel is the secret star of the show and in combination with Adam and Scarlett this is a true triple treat.

The supporting cast does a brilliant job. I’d like to give a special mention to Katherine Kingsley as Lina Lamont who is hilariously funny without turning her character into a complete joke.
The whole ensemble fits together perfectly and delivers the big dance numbers with impressive energy.

“And what about the rain?” you may ask. It’s spectacular, simple as that. I’m not going to completely spoil the show for those who haven’t seen it by going into too much detail but let’s just say you will get soaked more than once if you’re sitting in the first 5-6 rows. On the night I attended the show the audience seemed to love being that close to the “action” so to speak. I was left wondering what happens on a matinee day though – surely the seats in the front must be rather wet at the end of the show so how do they dry them ready for the next performance just two hours later? Answers on a postcard please (or in a comment).

Singing in the rain is exactly what musical theatre should be like. It’s funny and romantic, it has the drama and the tears and it draws the audience into a world of song and dance. I left on a complete high, humming the songs along the way.

To sum it up: This show is a hit! Go see!

For more info and to book tickets visit http://www.singinintherain.co.uk.