Blood Brothers – UK Tour 2016/2017

24 Oct

Blood Brothers – the story of the Johnstone twins. It’s a modern classic by now and one of those shows every musical theatre fan should watch at least once.

We meet Mrs. Johnstone who ist struggling to make a living for herself and her children. When she finds out she is expecting twins things seem hopeless. But then her employer Mrs. Lyons who has been unsuccessful in getting pregnant herself makes her an offer that seems to solve her problems.


Lyn Paul is no stranger to the role of Mrs Johnstone. I admit I am having trouble seeing her as a woman in her mid-twenties these days (Mrs. Johnstone’s age at the start of the show). But she makes up for this with superb acting and a wonderful, rich voice that really does the beautiful melodies in this show justice. Sarah Jane Buckley is a fantastic Mrs. Lyons. She manages the walk between slightly snobbish upper class woman and desperate mother haunted by fear of losing “her” son perfectly.

However, Blood Brothers stands and falls with the Johnstone twins. There’s the working class twin Mickey (brilliantly played by Sean Jones) and the upper class twin Eddie (Joel Benedict – a joy to watch). The relationship between these two is absolutely crucial and Sean Jones and Joel Benedict work together flawlessly. You can feel the bond between the twins and that is down to the portrayal of those two fantastic performers.


A new face in the world of Blood Brothers is Dean Chisnall as the Narrator. Not only can the man sing he also brings a great mix of menace and compassion to the character. From my experience the Narrator can be quite cold and calculating – in some cases I have seen him practically lead the narrative to its tragic ending. Dean Chisnall’s Narrator appears more thoughtful – knowing what will happen and unable to stop it but not trying to push the story forward. It’s almost as if he wanted nothing to do with what is going to happen. For me this is a great new take on the character.

The rest of the cast does a great job. There are several familiar faces in case you have been following the past productions. And although the show might feel a bit dated (and the set certainly looks it) this is a must see production. Blood Brothers is a beautifully sad story that will pull you in completely. It’s one of those emotionally draining nights out at the theatre. And I don’t know about you but I need one of those now and then.


Blood Brothers is on tour until April 2017. Dean Chisnall is staying with the show for the rest of the tour. Joel Benedict has left the cast.

For tour dates and to book tickets go here.

One Response to “Blood Brothers – UK Tour 2016/2017”

  1. Val Waring November 26, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

    I saw Blood Brothers last night – the fifth time I have seen it. I’ve never seen The Narrator portrayed quite the way Dean does but his take on the character is wonderful. He makes the character and the lyrics his very own. If you get the chance see for yourself. None of the cast disappoint.

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