2015 – A look back

15 Dec

First of all apologies for the lack of updates lately. I won’t bore you with details so lets just say I simply didn’t have the time to do any proper writing and unless I can really sit down and do something properly I would rather not do it at all – that goes for writing reviews as well. Plus most shows I visited in the past 2-3 months have been repeat visits or previews so not much to review anyway unless I wanted to bore you with ramblings about the same shows over and over again.

Anyway, what’s the point of this post? Easy, it’s the end of the year (almost) so time for my annual look back. I do have one more show coming up this year – Love never dies (Liebe stirbt nie) in Hamburg – but I doubt I will manage to post my views before January so in terms of reviews I am done for 2015.

It’s been a New York City kind of year for me with three trips in total. The award for most watched and most loved show of the year goes to Punchdrunk’s Sleep no more. You can find my review from my first visits in 2014 here. The show never fails to amaze me and even after almost 30 visits I am still discovering new things. If you like immersive theatre this is a must see. Actually, it is a must see, full stop. If you happen to be in New York at some point do go and check it out. It’s different, it’s clever, it’s thrilling and it’s visually stunning.

Another immersive theatre highlight in New York City was Third Rail Projects’ Then She Fell which I was lucky enough to see twice this year. I am still in awe of the pure beauty of this show and cannot wait to see the company’s new production Grand Paradise on my next trip to the Big Apple.

When it comes to musicals I am so glad one of my favourites of 2014 has made a return in 2015: In the Heights opened at the King’s Cross Theatre after a succesfull run at Southwark Playhouse last year. Find my review here and please don’t miss this gem of a show.

Then there was Gypsy at the Savoy Theatre and Imelda Staunton’s incredible performance as Mama Rose. In case you missed it or if you just want to rewatch it in the comfort of your home: It’s on BBC4 on 27th December (for those outside the UK: Have a google, there’s ways to stream tv online from abroad).

Other favourites of the year are An American in Paris (Broadway), Fun Home (Broadway) and Jersey Boys (London). I rediscovered my love for the latter after staying away for more than a year.

Personal fangirl highlight of the year: Meeting Hugh Jackman in New York City in January. The man is not just talented but also lovely.


Hugh Jackman


Same goes for Ben Whishaw who I saw in Bakkhai at the Almeida Theatre this year and who remains my favourite British stage actor.


Ben Whishaw


With this said there is nothing left for me than to thank everyone who has contributed to this little blog by reading, commenting and sharing (also a big thanks to the performers who kindly took part in my “10 Questions with” interview series). I really appreciate all the support and I am looking forward to sharing an exciting theatrical 2016 with you. Please keep in touch – comment on here, tweet or email me. I love hearing from fellow theatre supporters.

Wishing all of you a merry christmas and a wonderful new year.


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