SeatPlan – The new seat review website

7 Nov

Ever had that experience of booking tickets without being sure what seat you should go for? Many ticket booking sites provide basic information such as a “restricted view” warning for certain seats and a seating plan on which you can see if your seat is on the aisle, right in the middle or at the very side of the row, how far away from the stage it is etc. Very few theatres provide a “view from your seat” feature that shows you the view of the stage from different parts of the auditorium.

But imagine how amazing it would be if there was a website that would provide reviews of various seats in every West End theatre. Of course we already have Theatremonkey, a website that is doing a great job at providing seating information amongst other things.

However, the brand new website SeatPlan has just launched concentrating on seat reviews alone – written by theatre-goes, for theatre-goers. And if that wasn’t enough you even have the chance to collect points for your seat reviews – once you reach 50 points you receive a £10 theatre voucher. What’s not to love?

Reviews sometimes even include a photo, so visitors to the site can judge the view for themselves. Signing up for SeatPlan is quick, easy and free. Visitors can sign up via email or Facebook and access thousands of seat reviews.
Ben Jackson, Managing Director, said, “We believe that cross referencing seat prices and reviews is important when buying theatre tickets. 5 star seats are not always the most expensive as our reviews reveal.”

So why not give SeatPlan a go? After all getting the best seat in the theatre for the best price is what we all want.

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