Ryan Molloy live at The Hippodrome – January 18th 2014

23 Jan

Ryan Molloy recently set a world record for being the longest-ever lead in a West End show having done way over 2.000 shows as Frankie Valli in the hit musical Jersey Boys. With all that success in musical theatre one might forget that Ryan is also a talented songwriter who has been making music for more than 20 years. With his run in Jersey Boys approaching 6 years Ryan decided to remind people of this with a 2 hours set of his own music (and a few covers) at The Hippodrome in London.

Anyone who has been to one of Ryan’s gigs knows they tend to be funky and slightly crazy. This gig was no difference with stories about a girl with a moustache, sharing a flat with an “alcohol and drug addict who liked to party like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad” and playing Ted (“Could have been Bill, don’t remember”) in Bill and Ted’s Musical Adventure at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Beside entertaining the crowd with little tales about his career Ryan did what he does best: Amaze the audience with his wonderful voice. From almost ridiculously high notes in “Come back to me” to a simply beautiful “Power of love” and smooth vocals in “Every little thing” Ryan is without a doubt one of the most versatile singers in the West End.

Ryan Molloy Hippodrome 1

Obviously his version of “My eyes adored you” which flowed seamlessly into a slow version of “Turn on the night” was one of the audience’s favourites showing once again how well-loved Ryan’s portrayal of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys is. Uptempo numbers like “Nine and a half” and the introduction of “The Twist” had the audience tapping their feet along and the latter even got a bit of singing participation after some encouragement from the man himself.

All in all this was a highly entertaining evening full of fantastic music performed by one of the most talented singers I have had the pleasure of seeing on stage in my life. It was great to see Ryan performing his own songs – something we will hopefully get to experience more often in the future. I would like to give a special mention to Ryan’s band, first for accompanying him so brilliantly and furthermore for keeping up with him – it couldn’t have been easy (if you were there you will know what I mean).

Ryan is a fantastic singer, a wonderfully talented performer and one of the most entertaining people the West End has ever seen. And most importantly he is not Frankie Valli and not “The Trotter” – he is “still Ryan Molloy”.

To find out more about Ryan go to http://www.ryanmolloy.com/, find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @molloyofficial .

His new album “Turn on the night – the album” was on sale at the gig and will hopefully be available to buy online soon. Here’s a glimps at the track list.

1. Turn on the night… master mix
2. Make my day
3. Nine and a half
4. When the music stops
5. Watch Tower
6. Come back to me
7. Every little thing
8. One heart
9. Don’t break my heart slowly
10. Without you
11. You make my song rhyme
12. Turn on the night… The Bulcock rap mix
13 … there might be a “hidden” track, I won’t spoil the surprise

Picture by Hayley Thorpe (thank you!)

2 Responses to “Ryan Molloy live at The Hippodrome – January 18th 2014”

  1. Kathryn February 5, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

    Another great post! Ryan is a great singer, would love to go to one of his concerts. I was listening to a clip of him singing “Power of Love” on YouTube and thought it was amazing. Any news on his Jersey Boys contract?

    • theatregirl February 6, 2014 at 7:57 am #

      There will be more concerts this year so keep your eyes on his Twitter and Facebook page.
      He will announce his decision regarding cast change as soon as he can. I would love to answer the question here and now but I can’t go ahead of the official announcement.

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