New Blog Section

15 Nov

There’s a slim chance you’ve noticed already but in case you haven’t – which is a lot more likely – a new section has been added to the blog. It’s simply called Calendar and is supposed to develop into a collection of theatre related events in London.

From performer gigs to cabarets to charity concerts or theatre or performer related late night entertainment – I will try to list every event so that you are up to date with all those very special and often one-off cabarets, gigs and such.

However, you probably know just how much stuff is happening in London. It’s next to impossible for one person to keep track of everything. So what I really need now is your help.

Which performer is doing a gig? Who is appearing in which cabaret gig or charity event? What cast is making an appearance at an event?

Let me know so I can add the info to the calendar. And if you are a performer and want to promote your own gig: Email me the details.

Please always include some basic info about the event: A short description, date, time, place and ticket info (a link to the booking page is always appreciated).

Get involved people! Email or tweet me and lets fill this calendar.

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