Declan Bennett – Record:Breakup live at the Borderline – 18th August 2013

20 Aug

Declan Bennett ist currently playing the role of Guy in Once the musical at London’s Phoenix Theatre. His album Record:Breakup has just been re-released as a live and unplugged version. To celebrate this event Declan played an intimate gig at The Borderline in London, a small venue in the heart of Soho.

If you’re familiar with Declan’s music you know that his songs are personal and sometimes almost painfully honest. Record:Breakup is a collection of songs dealing with an end in sight, songs about moving on and leaving things behind.
Declan has one of those voices I could listen to constantly for days without getting bored. He sings with such raw emotion that listening to him almost makes you feel like an intruder. But then this is exactly what makes Declan’s music so special. He lets his audience in. There are no boundaries – we get to see his inner feelings through his music.


The Boderline proved to be the perfect space for this stripped back acoustic gig – Declan and his guitar accompanied by Gareth O’Connor for most of the songs. Songs like “Freer” and “Parachute” turned out to be amongst the audience’s favourites. My personal highlights have to be the beautifully sad “Not allowed”, “Straight in your face” and “Love wins”. The latter was a wonderful ending to the most personal gig I have been to so far. It was almost enchanting to see Declan perform these songs – he clearly put his heart and soul into every single tune and loved sharing all of them with his audience.
Declan Bennett is one of those rare talents who knows how to combine thoughtful lyrics with great melodies. His music is real and truthful and hearing him sing makes you feel like he is telling you a story – a story of love and loss, of joy and pain. There’s no holding back, nothing that won’t be told exactly like it is.


I honestly hope we will get to hear more of this amazingly talented guy in the future. He deserves to be seen by more people.

Make sure to catch Declan as Guy in Once the musical at the Phoenix Theatre. For more info and to book tickets go here.

Keep an eye on Declan’s website to stay up to date about possible future gigs. And don’t forget to follow the man himself on Twitter @thisainttherapy .
And please do yourself a favour and download his album Record:Breakup live and unplugged.

For more photos of the gig visit my Facebook page.

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