Declan Bennett to perform at The Borderline in August

22 Jul

I rarely promote concerts and the likes in my blog but now and then an artist comes along that just deserves a special mention. Declan Bennett is such an artist. Currently playing the role of Guy in the London production of Once he will be presenting his new release “record: BREAKUP” live and acoustic at The Borderline, London on 18th August 2013.

Borderline Gig

Shamelessly “stolen” from his website, here is what others have to say about Declan’s music.

‘Uncut ‘ **** (four-star review of An Innocent Evening of Drinking) ‘ Far more than a showbiz wannabe.. Bennett has crafted some unusual variations on the acoustic singer-songwriter template… frequently gripping lyrics’ Adam Sweeting

‘GT’ **** (four-star review of An Innocent Evening of Drinking) ‘Declan’s soulful vocals glide through the chatty, reflective lyrics. His strong songwriting deserves a wider audience.’

‘Rock’n’Reel’ **** (four-star review of ‘An Innocent Evening of Drinking’) ‘A writer who can move effortlessly from the conversational, the confessional, statements of intent, to the poetic, moving and tender, Bennett’s songs deliver a powerful emotional punch without ever resorting to the usual singer-songwriter trap of over-introspection.’ Colin Hall

‘He has a voice full of emotion and yearning, his lyrics and melodies have a pop edge without being lazy or radio-desperate’ Boy George writing about Declan Bennett in ‘Time Out London’

‘I’m absolutely convinced that Declan Bennett is going to be massive. I have his album on constant repeat’ ‘Little Britain’s’ Matt Lucas

‘Declan is the real thing. He sings from the heart, and I defy anyone not to be touched by his songs’ – Linda Thompson

I first listened to Declan’s music after seeing him in Once and I can honestly say I agree with all of the above statements. His songs are honest, emotional and real. His voice has a raw quality and draws you into the songs. I urge you to give his music a listen. You can find his albums on iTunes.

Don’t miss out on Declan’s first gig since his return to the West End. Get your tickets to see him at The Borderline on 18th August here.

Find out more about Declan by visiting his website. And follow the man himself on Twitter @thisainttherapy .

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