Stuart Matthew Price “The roles I’ll never play” – 12th May 2013

13 May

Everyone who has heard Stuart Matthew Price sing will most likely agree with me on one thing: He has a voice to die for. So obviously the chance to listen to this voice for an evening was too good to miss out on.

With “The roles I’ll never play” Stuart took a very clever approach to this concert. Although the title does have a slightly depressing touch to it Stuart made it clear right from the start that the evening was going to be an uplifting look on parts he was too young, too old or simply “not female enough” for.

And after listening to Stuart singing all those beautiful musical numbers it’s even more clear that this young man who has gone so far already is going to achieve so much more in his career. His “Bring him home” was heartfelt and simply astonishing. I have a strong feeling we have a Jean Valjean in the making here – barricades, watch out!

Another highlight had to be “Til I hear you sing” which was an unexpected yet welcomed song choice – because lets admit it, we’ve all heard “Music of the night” a billion times already.

One of my personal favourites has to be one of the female songs – I’m not sure Stuart would look good in green but vocally “The Wizard and I” suited him perfectly.

“Losing my mind”, “Not a day goes by” and “Being alive” were my favourite set of songs because a) I adore all three of them (especially the first one) and b) they fit together so perfectly.

A special mention goes to Ben Fenner, Aime Hodnett and Natasha Ferguson who supported Stuart with some amazing backing vocals and who treated the audience to a couple of solo songs as well. Especially Aime’s rendition of “14G” was a complete show stopper. Currently in their third year at Arts Ed Ben, Aime and Natasha are definitely three artists to watch out for in the future.

The whole evening proved what I knew all along: Stuart Matthew Price can sing anything, simple as that. And anyone who can turn “Thriller” into a jazzy song AND get the whole audience to sing along has true entertainer qualities.

Stuart Matthew Price’s refreshing approach to some well-known musical theatre songs is entertaining, funny and beautiful. He is by far one of the most talented artists in London’s West End and I’m sure we will hear a lot of him in the years to come.

If you missed out on this gig keep an eye on Stuart’s Twitter because you never know – there might be more concerts in the future. Find him @StuartMPrice and start following.

I’d also like to give a mention to St. James Theatre – the place where it all happened. Please check this new venue out. They have some great things happening in the future:

I’m going to leave you with the set list and a couple of photos from the evening. As always, please don’t publish any of the pictures elsewhere without asking. Thank you.

Act One
Circle of Life
I’m The Greatest Star
… As If We Never Said Goodbye
Being Him Home
Til I Hear You Sing
Billie Jean/Smooth Criminal/Thriller
They Just Keep Moving The Line (Ben Fenner)
The Life of the Party
The Wizard and I
Defying Gravity

Act Two
In The Heights
The Girl in 14G (Aime Hodnett)
Losing My Mind/Not A Day Goes By/Being Alive
Listen (Natasha Ferguson)
When I Grow Up/Tomorrow/Where Is Love
Encore: Who I Am Today

2 Responses to “Stuart Matthew Price “The roles I’ll never play” – 12th May 2013”

  1. hisandherscene May 14, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    What a truly wonderful and memorable evening! So lovely to see you and the pics are great! X

    • theatregirl May 14, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

      Lovely to see you too! Yes, such a brilliant evening. So glad I was able to be there. He needs to do another concert in the not too far away future. X

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