26 Dec

Earlier this month I managed to raise more than £600 for The Brain Research Trust with my charity auction.

It turned out the original winner of the signed Wicked programme obviously wasn’t a trustworthy person as he failed to complete payment (shame on you!). However, the programme found a new owner nevertheless (and for the original winning price which is wonderful) so no harm done.

What has happened now is this: The buyer of the programme has donated it to be given away for free. Such a generous thing to do!

So, here’s your chance to own a Wicked programme signed by the current London cast.

All you have to do is this: Find me on Twitter @Steffi_G . Follow me and retweet my competition tweet (I will repost it several times over the next days – retweeting any of those tweets will do!).
Not on Twitter? No worries! Just sign up for this blog instead (via the follow button) and drop me an email at stating the name / email address under which you have followed the blog.

The competition runs until 4th January 2013. Out of all entries I will pick the winner at random on Saturday, 5th January 2013. The winner will be notified via Twitter (or email in case he/she is not on Twitter).

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