Charity Auction

27 Oct

Hello everyone,

no review or interview for a change but a personal message from me to let you know that I’ll be holding a charity auction through this blog. I’m in the very first state of planning so please bear with me for a while. However, I thought it would be best to get the word out as soon as possible.

So, what exactly will this charity auction consist of? Obviously it will be theatre related. I’ve been in touch with several people and it looks like I should be able to obtain signed programmes or posters from quite a few West End shows. And with that I mean signed by the whole cast (or at least a large number of cast members). Since most readers of this blog are devoted musical theatre fans I figured this would appeal the most to you guys.
There will probably be a few special performer related items as well. I won’t go into detail now but I’ve got a few ideas which I think you’ll like (and which will hopefully make you spend some pounds).

All money will go to The Brain Research Trust. I learnt about this charity this summer through a friend and I’ve decided that I want to support their work. Please have a look at what they do by visiting their website:

What I would like you to do for now is simple: Tell all your musical theatre loving friends. Help me get the word out by sharing this blog post on Twitter, Facebook etc.
I will keep you all informed of the process of my preparations via Twitter @Steffi_G and @CoA_Theatregirl . At this point I’m hoping to have the auction up and running around christmas time.

Thanks for reading and please do tell your friends about this. xx

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