Tony Vincent – In my head

28 Jul

For me Tony Vincent will always be the ultimate Galileo Figaro. He originated the lead role in the popular musical We will rock you and played the part to rave reviews when it first opened in London in 2002. I will never forget the first time I saw Tony on stage at the Dominion Theatre. He left me completely and utterly speechless! Until that moment I had never seen anyone with such a stage presence and such an incredible voice. I was hooked, simple as that.

The first thing I did when I got back home afterwards was research. Who was that guy with the magic voice and the mesmerising stage presence? Within days I owned his CDs (Love falling down, Tony Vincent and One Deed – all available on and had listened to him performing the part of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. I’ve been lucky enough to catch Tony in We will rock you on several occasion but sadly I haven’t seen him on stage anywhere else since then. That doesn’t mean he has been lazy all those years though. He reprised his role as Galileo in We will rock you in Las Vegas, he was St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway and he could be seen in Season 2 of NBC’s The Voice to name just a few highlights.

One quality I admire in Tony is that he always stays true to himself both personally and artistically. He knows exactly what he wants and he won’t change just for the sake of fitting into any kind of mainstream. And his new EP “In my head” shows just that. This EP is Tony Vincent through and through. Lyrics with a real meaning, catchy melodies (with just the slightest Britpop influence) and, of course, that magic voice that captivates you straight away.

The first track “Starting over” was released via SoundCloud earlier this years so supporters of Tony’s work will probably know it already. The three new songs are all just as catchy in their own way. While listening to the EP I couldn’t help but be in awe of how much heart and soul had been put into those songs.

Tony Vincent is a true artist. His music is unique and personal. And while I would love to see him on a theatre stage again (maybe even in London – I can always dream) I am looking forward to hearing more of his own music in the future.

I urge all of you to give “In my head” a listen. This EP is a must have for everyone that appreciates great lyrics and melodies and an absolutely stunning voice. Don’t miss out on this!

You can find Tony Vincent’s “In my head” on iTunes or on

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