Ramin Karimloo in concert – Gateshead

20 May

Newcastle, or better: Gateshead – my 6th concert on Ramin’s UK tour. This ment a 3 hours train ride up north. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not a fan of train journeys.

However, once again I am glad I decided to add this date to my personal UK tour as otherwise I would have missed out on a very entertaining evening.
There was one addition to the set list compared to the concert in Birmingham two days earlier: Ramin’s friend Johan (from Sweden) sang a beautiful song from the musical Once called Falling slowly. Johan was definitely nervous and didn’t seem used to performing in front of a whole concert hall full of people. Bearing that in mind I think he did a wonderful job. His voice suited the song beautifully and it was nice to see Ramin support him by staying on stage but step back and blend in with the band and let Johan be in the spotlight by himself.

By now White blank page has become one of my personal favourites and I was happy the song was once again part of the set list. Ramin sings it with such a raw intensity and really seems to lose himself in the lyrics. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch I have to say.

Jonathan Ansell’s Gethsemane has grown on me a bit but I still don’t really like his version of the song. It may sound a bit odd but his rendition is slightly too theatrical for my taste. His Somebody to love on the other hand is absolutely stunning. The notes he hits in that song are insane so big thumb up in that case.

Ramin was on top form and really seemed to enjoy the banter with the audience. It’s wonderful to see how much he has grown into being a recording artist on stage without any role to hide behind. I want to give a special mention to his fantastic band who deserve much more credit than they are given. Yes, this is Ramin’s tour but what would the tour be without Steve Young for example. And lets not forget the fabulous Capital Voices and especially Katie Birtill who has become such a vital part of this tour.

Speaking of Katie Birtill: I was more than thrilled to hear her sing Somewhere with Ramin again. As much as I enjoyed hearing Danielle Hope’s and Louise Dearman’s take on the song I definitely prefer listening to Katie singing it.

Funny enough I would be happy to leave the musical theatre songs Ramin is so well-known for out of the set list and get to hear other tunes instead. As much as I love Bring him home, Music of the night and Till I hear you sing I much prefer songs like Broken, Show me light, Cathedrals, Constant Angel, I and love and you, Broken home, Ahead by a century (I still miss Alex and the cajón – bring on Cardiff!) and Good Riddance.
I’ll rather hear song from Les Miserables and Phantom in context with the show and prefer pop/rock/folk tunes for the concert I guess.

Last but not least I’d like to give a shout out to DAVE. What a dude! And before you ask: You needed to be there to get this properly but I had to mention it.

With only one stop left on the road to find out I’m really excited to see what Ramin has in store for Cardiff. It’s probably safe to say we are all in for a proper hootenanny.

Song list

Show me light
The impossible dream
Wild world
Inside my world
Guiding light (with Jonathan Ansell)
Gethsemane (Jonathan Ansell)
Broken home
Constant Angel
Falling slowly (Johan)
Eyes of a child (with Johan)
I and love and you (with Katie Birtill)
Radames letter / Till I hear you sing
Oh what a beautiful morning
Bring him home
Somewhere (with Katie Birtill)
White blank page
Just a closer walk with thee (with Steve Young and Katie Birtill)
Somebody to love (Jonathan Ansell)
The perfect space / Hallelujah
Ahead by a century
Solitude (with Katie Birtill)
Coming home
Music of the night
Good Riddance

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