Scott Garnham Cabaret – The Delfont Room, May 5 2012

7 May

I only discovered Scott Garnham recently through Les Miserables in which he is currently appearing as Feuilly and first cover for Enjolras (a part I was lucky enough to see him play on several occasions). When it was announced that he was organising his first solo cabaret there was no question I would have to be there.

So here I was in the Delfont Room on a Saturday evening – one of my favourite spaces for late night cabarets in the West End I’d like to add. I had little to no idea what to expect but after seeing Scott appear in A West End Christmas last December I was quite certain I wouldn’t be disappointed.

And what can I say? The evening was everything but disappointing for sure. I think the word “unconventional” sums it up well (a term Scott himself used). A rather creepy obsession with a girl named Claire, the joys of making love alone, being friends on Facebook and a completely “Self-indulgent ballad” – I doubt there has been a cabaret in the West End with a similar choice of songs. And I’m writing this with the biggest respect and praise because I can honestly say that I have never laughed more at a late night cabaret. Scott Garnham is not just a talented singer, he is also one of the most natural entertainers I have had the pleasure to see on stage. His interaction with the audience was flawless and he managed to combine songs and fun without turning the evening into a stand up comedy show. Scott’s songs – while often being more than hilarious – were personal and it was obvious how much thought had gone into chosing them (and partly even writing them).

Scott’s guests on this very special evening were Jon Hawkins, Hadley Fraser, Carl Mullaney, Liz Pendleton (backing singer and saxophone), Laura Tebbutt, Craig Mather (drums) and Rob Vickers (guitar). Personally I loved Scott’s and Jon’s “That’s life” because it was so obvious how well those two get along and how much fun they were having. The same goes for Scott’s and Sir Hadley’s (as I shall refer to him from now on) “Butter outta cream”.
Laura Tebbutt’s “Fabulous Girl” was a complete joy to listen to – that girl would make a more than fabulous Deloris in Sister Act (who cares she isn’t black)! I loved Carl Mullaney’s “Someone to fall back on” – a great tune which was sung beautifully.

But no matter how fantastic the guests, this evening was about Scott. And everyone who was there will surely agree with me when I say that Scott Garnham is one of the most original, witty, clever and talented young men in London’s West End. He doesn’t sing the same old songs that have been done to death at every cabaret around the world. His take on a late night cabaret was fresh and different and quite simply brilliant.

The whole evening took place in aid of Theatre MAD, a charity Scott has been supporting for quite a while. Please do check them out at

Here’s hoping this wasn’t Scott’s first and last cabaret evening. It would be a shame if all those people who couldn’t make it on Saturday wouldn’t get a chance to experience this talented singer/songwriter/entertainer being delightfully unconventional on stage.

Thank you, Scott, for the songs and the laughs. I had the best time!

Complete song list

Let me drown
Follow these instructions
Die vampire die
Making love alone
Did you get my message
Someone to fall back on (Carl Mullaney)
Loving you to excess
Self-indulgent ballad
Pencil full of lead
In Dublin
That’s life (with Jon Hawkins)
On the Facebook (with Carl Mullaney, Liz Pendleton and Laura Tebbutt)
All American prophet
Fabulous girl (Laura Tebbutt)
Butter outta cream (with Hadley Fraser)
We live on borrowed time
The curtain falls

Go and find Scott on Twitter @scottgarnham for a link to a complete audio upload of the evening and to get in touch with the man himself.

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One Response to “Scott Garnham Cabaret – The Delfont Room, May 5 2012”

  1. Teri May 7, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    I have been lucky enough to know Scott for years and to watch him grow into a fine entertainer. I hope that he gets all the success that he so rightly deserves.

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