Ramin Karimloo – Ramin

14 Apr

Ramin Karimloo is best known for playing some of the most iconic leading parts in the world of musical theatre: From Chris in Miss Saigon to the Phantom in both The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies to most recently Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. But he is by no means a typical musical theatre performer. With no classic musical training he started his stage career singing in rock bands in his home country Canada.

After working in musical theatre solidly for the last 10 years Ramin is now stepping into new territory. His long awaited debut album “Ramin” was released on April 9th. And just as Ramin is no ordinary musical theatre performer this is not an album you would expect from a musical theatre artist.
Although the album features two well known musical theatre songs with “Music of the night” and “Till I hear you sing” (from The Phantom of the Opera and its sequel Love Never Dies) even those songs come along in a refreshing new arrangement. While they still feature the huge belting notes both songs have a more pop-like feel to them making them more accessible to the non-theatre audience.
The up tempo songs “Show me light” and “Broken home”, both co-written by Ramin, stay in your head and especially the latter has the potential to be a huge mainstream hit. “Coming home”, the first single of the album was written by Ryan Tedder (who is behind Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love) and shows off Ramin’s incredible voice perfectly. Personally I prefer the simply beautiful “Constant Angel”, a song that will end up being stuck in your head for hours.
Ramin manages to make big songs like Muse’s “Guiding Light” and Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do” his own with ease. However, the stand out songs on his album are without a doubt the ones he co-wrote. The enthralling “Inside my world” is one of the most haunting song I have heard in a long time. And with “Eyes of a child” (another co-write) Ramin has added a beautiful and tender ballad to the album. “Song of the human heart” is maybe the most average song on this CD but only because the other songs are all exceptionally strong. This applies to the last song on the album in particular. Ramin’s stunning version of “Cathedrals” is the perfect finish to an all around impressive recoding debut.

Ramin has proven that he is more than just another musical theatre star releasing an album. His record is diverse and catchy and has everything it takes to appeal to the mass market. And whilst I wish him every success I do hope he won’t abandom his passion for theatre and will grace the stage in new and challenging roles in the future.

Get your hands on Ramin’s album here:





You can catch Ramin on tour in the UK in May. Visit http://raminofficial.com/ for more info.

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