So that was 2011 then…

29 Dec

First of all apologies for the slight lack of reviews lately. It’s not that I haven’t seen shows (in fact I did see 5 on my last trip to London 2 weeks ago) but I simply didn’t have enough time to blog. A stupid cold and Christmas got in the way.

So, afraid to say there won’t be any more reviews this year. The good news is: The year is almost over anyway. So watch out for more ramblings and such in 2012!

I’m off to London tomorrow to celebrate the end of the year in true theatre style and say farewell to the fabulous Priscilla – Queen of the desert. There will most definitely be a blog about that show as soon as time allows.
Beside that it’ll be more Jersey Boys, more Les Miserables and maybe another visit to get my face melted at Rock of Ages on this trip. So nothing new but why not end and start the new year with the shows one knows and loves, eh. 🙂

Thinking back to all the shows, gigs etc. I’ve seen this year I can definitely say I’ve been very fortunate to have witnessed a couple of really special performances. Here are – in no special order – my personal highlights of 2011:

Jersey Boys cast change performance, March 2011 (very sad but special show)
Love never dies, last performance August 2011 (not my favourite show in general but this was such an outstanding evening!)
Sheytoons at Dublin Castle, April 2011 (pure awesomeness! More of that in 2012 please!!)
West End Eurovision, Aprill 2011 (who could forget the pure brilliance of Dr. Belond? Ha!)
Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary, October 2011 (one word: amazing!)
Ramin Karimloo – A night with the Phantom, October 2011 (I’m just slightly obsessed.. really 😉
West End Bares, September 2011 (best night out in 2011 for sure)
Dress Circle Benefit, August 2011 (so much talent on one stage)
Stephen Ashfield Cabaret gig at Lauderdale House, March 2011 (I adore Stephen, I really do)
Bloomfield Avenue at Roadhouse, several dates (those guys rock!)
West End Live, June 2011 (rain and hail but gosh, we had a great time)
Take That live in Hamburg and Dusseldorf, July 2011 (fab to see the five lads on stage again)

I want to take the time and say a special thank you to all the performers that have made 2011 extra special by doing such an amazing job on stage and by being absolutely lovely in general:
Ramin Karimloo, Ryan Molloy, Dean Chisnall, Ashley Hale, Amy Beadel, Jon Boydon, Matt Wycliffe, Stephen Ashfield, Wayne Smith, Carl Au, Michael Conway, Ben Wheeler, Joseph Prouse, James Winter, Jason Winter, Marc Seitz, Matthew Huet, Dane Quixall, Barbara Tartaglia, Lyndsey Stokes, Tim Howar, Simon Bailey, Matthew Clark, Oliver Thornton, Hugo Harold-Harrison, Björn Klein, Darren Carnall, Louise King, Sebastien Torkia, Norman Bowman, Scarlette Douglas, Sandy Moffat, Mark Isherwood, Jye Frasca, Tee Jaye, Simon Adkins, Hadley Fraser… I’m sure I have forgotten someone….

And finally I’m wishing all of you a great start into the new year. Hope 2012 brings you success, love and happiness. Thanks for reading my blog!

Please keep checking back for more reviews and general theatre related posts in the new year.


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