Jon Boydon – Three Four

14 Dec

Let me start this post by making one thing clear: I’m not a rock chick! This may sound like an odd sentence to start an album review but it’ll make sense once you continue reading.


Jon Boydon’s debut album “Three Four” has been long awaited. To quote the man himself, it had been years of threatening to get into the studio and make a recording. While this means a lot of time to carefully chose the songs on the one hand it also means expectations have been built up over the years: We’ve been waiting for this CD for ages, it better be good! No pressure there then. 😉


I will admit openly that I really wasn’t sure I was going to like the album when I pressed play and was greeted with some rather heavy rock tunes right at the start. I do enjoy the occasional rock song now and then but (and here I come back to my first statement) I’m not a rock chick.


But then this isn’t about me and my music preferences. It’s about Jon and his debut album and I can honestly say: It rocks! And it’s not just “good old rock”. There’s a bit for everyone.

You like your music loud? “Hard to handle” and “Pretty as you please” are your tunes.

You like a catchy tunes that will have you tap your feet along to the beat? You are bound to love “Runaround Sue”.

You like songs that really show off great voices? Go on, listen to “New York state of mind”.

You like a good rock ballad? “She talks to angels” is your song.


Personally I prefer Jon’s voice in songs like “New York State of Mind” and “Runaround Sue” but that most likely has to do with me not really being into heavy rock songs.


One of my favourite songs on the album has to be “Drops of Jupiter (Tell me)”. I’ve always adored that song – it is so beautifully written. And Jon definitely does the song justice on this album.


I’d like to give a special mention to the only self written track on the album: “Fallen Angel”. It has nothing to do with the song a lot of you will know from the hit musical Jersey Boys in which Jon is still playing the part of Tommy DeVito. “Fallen Angel” is a beautiful song – simple as that. It has great lyrics and a really catchy melody. I might be a bit in love with that one already and I’ve only listened to it twice so far.


So, what kind of album is “Three Four”? I’d class it as a rock album with a twist. If you like rock music, you should give it a listen. But don’t let the label “rock” put you off in case that’s not your kind of music. There’s more to the album than plain old rock. And it’s definitely been worth the rather long wait. 


And by the way, I really do fancy the photo inside the booklet! 😉



Order Jon Boydon’s debut CD “Three Four” here:

Dress Circle


Or here:



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