Whatsonstage Awards 2012

1 Nov

It’s that time again. Time for all you theatre lovers to go and make a choice. Time to nominate your favourites in the Whatsonstage Awards 2012.

Critics will say these awards have nothing to do with awarding the best of the best but are simply a popularity contest. You know what? It’s true, partly at least. Every award that is voted for by the public is just that. But then that’s what makes these awards special, isn’t it? The performers and productions that end up winning an award can be sure that they are loved by those people that matter in the end: The audience, the fans, the people who pay for the tickets and who buy the cast soundtrack, the t-shirts, the brochures etc.

So whilst it can be annoying that smaller and less known productions and performers who don’t have thousands of Twitter follower often don’t stand a chance against the Wickeds or Ramin Karimloos of today (and that’s coming from me who – as you may know – adores Ramin Karimloo) in award shows like this I still think they are an important  way for the public to have their say.

Please don’t think “My favourite show / favourite performer doesn’t have a chance anyway so why bother?”! Just go ahead and vote. The Whatsonstage Awards need the theatregoers to voice their opinion. Do it! And tell your friends to do the same.

And just in case anyone is interested who I think should win:

Love Story and Thrill me are my favourites in the musical categories. Both shows equally deserve to win and I hope they make it onto the awards shortlists (just as the brilliant performers from both shows: Emma Williams, Michael Xavier and Peter Polycarpou for Love Story and Jye Frasca and George Maguire for Thrill me). Stephen Ashfield (Emmett in Legally Blonde) definitely should be on the shortlist for Best Takeover. The same goes for Hadley Fraser (Javert in Les Miserables).
Ruth Wilson for Anna Christie and Kevin Spacey for Richard III are my favourites in the best actor / actress in a play categories. And even though I’m not a fan of Shrek the musical I think Nigel Harman deserves to be nominated in the Best Supporting Actor in a musical category.

But please make your own choice (I won’t complain if you go along with my suggestions, of course) and nominate your favourites now:


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